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Floral Arranging Fun

white pitcher vase filled with a colorful floral arrangement

Bringing blooming flowers from your garden into your home can create a refreshing atmosphere everyone can enjoy. There are many ways to display your flowers, here are just a few.

Placing a single blossom in a small vase can look very elegant. A grouping of several small vases with only one flower in each can make a sophisticated statement.

Flowers with large blossoms and long stems require a sturdy container. Sunflowers and dahlias are flowers that need a stable vase. Think outside the regular vessel. Try using a decorative water pitcher or cookie jar.

Cylinder vases are perfect for long branches and flowers with long stems. Lilac, peonies, and hydrangea need support from a vase that is smaller at the top than the bottom.

Square-shaped vases offer a contemporary vibe. The angles of the square contrast with the curves of a flower. The stems should be cut so that the flower is just above the edge of the opening so the flower is supported.

Flowers with practically no stem like camellias, or blossoms in which the stem has fallen off, can float in attractive bowls.

Just about any container that holds water can act as a vase. I’ve used everything from wine bottles to antique salt and pepper shakers. Look at your containers with a new eye to create floral masterpieces.


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