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Midwinter Musings

woman on yoga mat stretching

Human beings are emotional creatures. Our feelings can go from elation to despair all within a few minutes depending on the circumstances of our environment. On days that feel dark and dreary, here are a few things we can do to improve our mood.

Put on a pair of socks. Sounds too simple, right? However, warm toes are directly linked to feeling content and relaxed. A pair of soft, cozy socks can give your psyche an instant boost.

Have a cup of chamomile tea. The soothing act of sipping tea and the warmth it gives your body will help to settle your soul.

Turn the TV off. Turn the music on. Listen to music while you paint, read, or dance!

Stretching cannot be overstated. Simple stretching exercises can elevate your mood by making your entire body feel better. You don’t have to get on the floor and turn into a pretzel; just stretch your arms, bend at your waist, flex your feet and point your toes. Anything is better than nothing to get blood moving and oxygen to your brain.

Breathe. Slow breaths in and slow breaths out can calm your spirit when you are feeling stressed. Take time to take care of yourself and your spirit will

feel better.


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