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November flowers are chrysanthemums and peonies

Flowers have meaning and can “speak” for us when words are hard to find.

Close up shot of orange mums

Chrysanthemums - are often used as center-pieces and accent points in autumn decor. In fact, they are considered to be the “Queen of Fall Flowers.” They represent many feelings such as friendship, love, loyalty, and optimism.

They add a cheerful pop of color wherever they bloom. Red chrysanthemums represent love, yellow for both joy and sorrow, and white for loyalty. The daisy-like flower may have a single row of petals or be so ruffly it’s hard to find the center of the flower.

They can be as small as a button or so large they resemble pompoms. NASA has found that potted Chrysanthemums can improve air quality. Some Eastern cultures believe that placing a single Chrysanthemum in your glass of wine will bring health and longevity to you.

The message of the Chrysanthemum is to believe in your dreams, to honor the cycle of life—at the beginning and at the end—and that not every goodbye is the end.

close up shot of huge pink peonies

Peonies - are the epitome of the romantic flower. They also represent prosperity, happiness, honor, good fortune, and compassion.

This classic and sophisticated flower has compact, thick, ruffly blooms and will become so large their stems cannot hold them up. The pink blossoms represent uniqueness and femininity, red is for honor and respect, yellow is for shyness and energy, and white is for positivity, freedom, and peace. White can also represent bashfulness or shame.

This is because during the Middle Ages, it was believed that fairies hid deep in the dense petals. Digging a peony plant up would cause the fairies to become upset and bring misfortune to the one who did the digging. The fragrance of peonies is often used in perfumes.

Their message is to consider how your actions affect others and always strive to act with honor and respect.


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