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Redefine How We Feel About Aging

by Laurie Richardone

There’s an opportunity on the horizon for reinventing the perception of what it means to age.

The words we use have power. Let’s take the word OLD out of our vocabulary and turn aging into “living longer” which we are. The later years of our life are to be the years of treasures. They are called the golden years for a reason.

a woman's hands reflect her aging process

We have wisdom, perspective and experience. These are pivotal tools needed in living productive fruitful years.

The great news is, they only come with age.

It can be a glorious time to live our lives according to our own passions, values, and interests.

In order to do so, we have to take command of the wheel and apply our own meaning to aging.

Yes, the years add up, but do we have to get old? I think not. One of the many ways to age gracefully is to continue to learn about the body mind connection. Meaning, to give attention to what we think, say, eat, and believe, as this contributes to either dis-ease or vibrant health.

Simple changes that can transform the process of aging.

Make attitude adjustments, give attention to your thoughts.

Mental stimulation, learn a new word every day, stay curious.

Add healthy fats to your diet, like avocados, walnuts, and pure olive oil.

Keep moving your body, keep the energy flowing.

Studies show, people who see themselves as old, regardless of their chronological age, may feel less effective than those who perceive themselves to be young or even middle-aged, “My eighty-seven year young mother is a great example of living life on her terms, and to its fullest”.

The question is? What do you want to do with these years filled with wisdom? How do you want to feel?

How do you want to spend your time? These are questions I repeatedly ask myself. I encourage you to take some time in reflection every day and visualize the life you want to live. It is waiting for you.

I love this quote by the iconic performer David Bowie:

“Aging is the extraordinary process where we become who we always should have been”.

I believe the pathway to graceful aging starts with writing our own narrative. In addition to, keeping our mind and imagination open wide. It takes courage to live our life on our own terms. Be brave.

This alters not only how older people view themselves, but how younger people view their elders. Both perspectives can help change outdated views of what it means to age. If we are lucky, the years will add up, and we will get older, but we never, ever, have to get old.

Wishing you a fruitful journey ~Laurie

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