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Spring is Springing

woman holds hanging clothes marked with Declutter sign

Now that spring is right around the corner, March 20, to be exact, it’s the perfect time to renew and refresh ourselves and our homes. “Decluttering” has received a lot of attention the past few years, and for good reason. When we declutter our surroundings, we can declutter our thoughts and make a welcoming space to live in.

When beginning a decluttering task, it may be helpful to focus on one area at a time. Don’t let yourself become distracted by bouncing from one closet to the next or from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Complete one area, embrace the satisfaction, and then move on. Accomplishing one area at a time will give you the motivation to go to the next cluttered section.

One aspect of decluttering is the act of “letting go.” Toys your children no longer play with may be loved by other children, clothes you no longer wear may be worn by someone else, books you have read can be enjoyed by others; collectables you no longer collect may be cherished by others.

If the object in question holds sentimental value, taking its picture may hold the memories—without taking up the space. Organizing is the act of creating space for all your belongings. When there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, your home will be more tranquil and inviting.

It will also be cleaner because it’s much easier to dust and vacuum when there are not objects piled up on shelves and tables, in the corner of the room, or on the floor.

When decluttering becomes routine, the task becomes less overwhelming. Take a few minutes each day to go through mail; go through your clothes at each new season; donate or discard unused holiday decorations when you unpack them rather than boxing them up only to unpack again next year; do laundry each week so that dirty clothes don’t pile up.

Simple steps to declutter will give your life a calmness and free up time for more enjoyable spring activities.


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