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The Best Ways to Welcome the Day

smiling woman stretches and wakes to a new day

Do the words, tired, cranky, and worried describe you in the morning? If you’re less than a ray of sunshine first thing, you will benefit from welcoming the day. People who frown before breakfast are less likely to create success than positive folks. Here’s how to climb out of bed in a buoyant mood.

Expect a Pleasant Day Ahead

Your mood dips when you imagine you’re about to have a grim day. Tension grows if you think you have too much to do and worry about potential problems. Contemplate a part of the day that puts a spring in your step, though, and you’ll create a positive outlook.

Sometimes, you’ll have a mood-boosting event to look forward to. At others, there will be zilch to liven your mindset. Nonetheless, you can create an event that primes you to experience positivity.

The thought of a slap-up breakfast might instill happiness. If so, ensure you have the right ingredients and lay the table the night before so your goal’s possible and simple. Or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee while you admire the sunrise may do the trick.

Set a bright tone for the following day before bedtime too. Picture events as they run to plan. Imagine yourself accomplishing goals with ease. You’ll reduce stress, sleep well, and awaken full of optimism.


You can generate even more feel-good hormones soon after waking by appreciating the morning. Note the clear skies, dawn chorus, or other natural wonders. Doing so will teach your brain how to recognize and seek positive events.

Also, bring mindfulness to your morning. Enjoy the sensation of warm water on your shoulders as you shower, for instance, and wear an item that reminds you of a happy experience--a scarf or cologne you wore on a terrific day, perhaps.


Despite a busy schedule, your thoughts are still your own. Mentally list reasons you are grateful and take charge of your mindset. Your capacity for joy will enlarge when you remember why you’re a lucky person.

You might be busy in the morning, but you are still free to think as you wish. Therefore, mentally list circumstances in your life for which you are thankful. Remembering what makes you lucky will increase your capacity for joy.

Adopt optimism in the morning and welcome the day. You’ll develop a positive outlook that colors everything you think and do. With an upbeat mood, you’ll set yourself up to meet success. Picture events going well, and ramp-up gratitude and appreciation. You’ll reap rewards.


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