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The Gut - Mind Connection

by Laurie Richardone

There are more nerve cells in your gut than anywhere else in your body outside of your brain. This profound connection is powerful and complex, to say the least.

what is the body-mind connection to whole body health

What is the gut-mind connection? The body-mind connection is a biological fact, and an essential link to understand when it comes to our whole-body health. There is a link between our mood, and our food.

The mind is associated with the brain, the two terms are often used interchangeably. Our brain talks to our gut, and our gut talks back. If you’ve ever had a “gut feeling”, you’ve experienced this communication.

It’s how the thought of an exciting event can make you feel “butterflies in your stomach”, while the thought of something dreadful might be “gut-wrenching”. And it’s how the feeling in your gut can influence your decision-making, as in “going with your gut”.

Think of your brain and gut as best friends.They talk about all kinds of things, from practical, physical, to emotional matters. More information passes between your brain and your gut than any other body system.

In fact, there are more nerve cells in your gut than anywhere else in your body outside of your brain. This profound connection is powerful, and complex,to say the least.

What happens is, signals pass through our digestive system, and central nervous system, and our health and, or, our dis-ease, can affect the other. It is vital to listen to our body when it’s trying to communicate to us.

For example, my body doesn’t like caffeine first thing in the morning. It gives me this information through discomfort in my stomach, it starts to gurgle, and feels bloated.

However, If I start my day by having a warm lemon water, and a nourishing tea with soothing herbs, like licorice root, I can then enjoy a couple of cups of caffeinated tea, throughout the day.

We now know that our digestion dictates how we feel, both in our body, and our minds. This is an incredible system that is always communicating to us, if we are willing to listen.

What we put into our bodies, and when, will determine how we move throughout our days. It is important to be mindful of the body’s signals, if we want to feel our best.

Feed your body nourishing whole foods, have a 10 oz glass of warm lemon water before that cup of coffee.

I believe we should have all the foods we enjoy, in moderation. Every one of us is unique, we have to investigate, and discover what works best for ourselves. Give honest attention to your body, and you will see what your gut is trying to tell you.

To your good health.

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