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The Life of a Vegetable

by Laurie Richardone

Have you ever thought about what a vegetable has to go through to arrive on your plate? We might have a greater appreciation for these Living treasures if we did.

wide display of veg avocado, cabbage, herbs and such

They start from a tiny seed, much like we do, with the hope of being healthy, growing into something that will contribute to the world, much like us. Then it moves all around the world, altered to please, adapts to all kinds of circumstances, again, much like we do.

Our lives are enriched because of these living edibles. Vegetables are composed of energy, much like we are. I like to think of those nurturing living things that grow in the ground, kindred spirits.

My passion lies in connecting people to the food they eat, its source and its history. This has long been my enthusiastic mission: and writing is one way to reveal the deeper culture of seasonal food, and hopefully dust you with some inspiration.

Vegetables are important for human health because of their vitamins, minerals, phytochemical compounds, and dietary fiber content.

Studies have shown that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and miraculously, prevent some types of cancer.

If that isn’t enough, plants have the potential to heal digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check.

But let’s be honest, food has to taste good. The great news is chefs and home cooks alike are making vegetables delicious by approaching, say, a cauliflower with the same culinary imagination that they would otherwise apply to a Mexican short rib braise. Dozens of chefs are rapidly turning vegetables into something to live for.

We know so much more about plants than we used to, about what they provide for us, which is a whole lot, including protein plus nutrients that aren’t found in meats.

That said, I am unlikely ever to completely give up applewood breakfast bacon, if it’s on the menu, or melt in your mouth smoked salmon on a Gluten- free bagel with cream cheese, or pancetta that has the capacity to create the perfect carbonara.

There is always something to learn from the people around us, like there is always something to learn about the magical plants that gently push their way through their mother… The Earth.

Cultivating a reverence for ingredients, and the creativity of putting them together by human hands and heart to make something that tastes really really good. The value of cultivating awareness and finding moments of gratification, and appreciation as we prepare — or even contemplate — something as simple as a cabbage.

This is a life well spent: Both for the vegetables and for us.

To your good health

photo of Laurie Richardone
Laurie Richardone

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