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The Particulars of Perfume

bottled perfumes in a row of colored bottles

We’ve probably all walked by someone and thought, Oh, she smells delightful! Or, we’ve walked by someone and turned our head in repugnance.

Our sense of smell is a powerful force—and how we smell to others can define our reputation. Aromas can bring back memories, attract a mate, and influence us to buy a product. How this works is extremely complicated and scientific, but here are a few facts you may find interesting.

Fragrances fall into four categories: fruity, floral, oriental, and woody. Fruity scents are light, energizing, and often have citrus undertones. Floral scents are elegant, feminine, and often have rose, jasmine, or gardenia bouquets.

Oriental fragrances are for the confident and sophisticated woman. This spicy scent holds vanilla, amber, and musk flavors. The woodsy woman is a sensual free spirit who looks for the aroma of patchouli and sandalwood.

Fragrances can be purchased in four different forms: Parfum is the most expensive concentration. It is the purest, containing the highest concentration of oil. This selection will last longer than the other options. Eau De Parfum has slightly less oil than perfume.

It is less expensive, yet will still last a fairly long time. Eau de toilette is usually an economical spray. It has approximately half the concentration of oil. Cologne is the lightest of all fragrances. The scent won’t linger, so it will need to be reapplied several times throughout the day.

All fragrances will last longer when they are layered. Using a body wash, lotion, and fragrance—all of the same scent—will ensure that you smell delightful all day.


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