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Unique Thanksgiving Tradition Ideas For Your Family and Friends

kid wearing a turkey hat smiling before thanksgiving

Traditions are the glue that hold family and friends together, particularly at the holidays. They provide comfort and something to look forward to. If you are looking for some new traditions to try with your family and friends this Thanksgiving, here are some suggestions for ways to make your holiday special.

Be Thankful For Others

At Thanksgiving, it is common for everyone to go around and say what they are grateful for. This Thanksgiving, try having each person say what they are thankful for about a specific family member or friend. To make it equal, give each family member a turn to be the person spoken about and then trade off. You’ll be surprised how this little alteration can bring your loved ones closer together.

Give Back

A new tradition your family can try for Thanksgiving is to find ways to volunteer. You can visit a local soup kitchen and help serve food to those less fortunate. You can also go through the clothes, books, or other items you are ready to let go of and find a place to donate them. Giving to those in need will remind you of the things for which you are most grateful and will spread some much-needed comfort to others.

Take a Hike

Depending on the weather where you live, going for a hike or nature walk with your family and friends could be the perfect way to spend your holiday. It will provide some gentle exercise and plenty of opportunity to catch up with the people in your life.

Make Some Art

For a special bonding activity, try creating some art with your family and friends. You could each create your own art piece, or all contribute to making one piece of art. The theme for your art can be thankfulness. The experience will bring you closer and you will have some beautiful art as a reminder of your gratitude and your time spent together.


A lovely tradition to instill with the people in your life at Thanksgiving is some holiday baking. To spread the warmth, consider making baked goods for your friends and neighbors as well. It’ll be a fun bonding activity and will leave you with tasty treats for the holiday.

Teach and Learn

A fun tradition to try can be giving the gift of education to the people in your life. Your family and friends can each pick a topic they know a lot about, or even a brand new topic they decide to research, and share what they know at your Thanksgiving gathering. It will give everyone an opportunity to learn more about the world and about each other.

Try some of these ideas with your friends and family this Thanksgiving to see if they work for you.

You may create some special traditions for years to come.


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