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Winter Survival Kit for your car

Baby, it’s cold outside. Use this checklist for indispensable items in case you find yourself stranded in the snow.

woman shovels snow to get car moving in winter

  1. Blanket.

  2. Gloves and scarf.

  3. First Aid Kit containing a few antibacterial wipes and bandaids.

  4. Ice Scraper.

  5. Tool Kit.

  6. Water - Fill up a container each time you leave your home just in case your trip takes longer than expected.

  7. Food - Carry along granola or another high protein food to sustain you— and chocolate. Always, chocolate.

  8. Flashlight and extra batteries.

  9. Small or collapsible shovel.

  10. A bag of sand or kitty litter may be helpful if you get your car stuck in an icy patch.


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