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Easy-Peasy Ways to Update Your Spring Decorating Ambitions

decorating ideas for spring bright flowers colors

Now that we’ve said “see you later” to winter, it’s time to refresh our homes with a few springtime changes. Here are several ways to freshen and brighten up our living space.

Do you love the look of wallpaper but feel that wallpapering an entire room is just too much? Try wallpapering only the interior or backboard of a bookshelf. This idea can give a pop of color and interest without being overbearing.

Purchase a new shower curtain. Your shower curtain can update and change the look of your whole bathroom. This is a room where you can easily express your true self, so go ahead and buy that whimsical lime green and hot pink curtain!

String twinkle lights across the railing of your porch. As the weather warms and we’re spending more time outside, these little lights can add a festive ambiance to your outdoor space.

Replace a discolored or outdated lampshade with a new one. Choose a shade that allows light to shine

and brighten your room.

Throw pillows are simple additions that can add lots of color and personality.

Although you may not need a heavy afghan in the months ahead, a lightweight blanket thrown across your sofa will add a pop of color and will feel cozy on rainy afternoons.


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