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Monarch butterflies carried along by the wind

monarch butterfly soaring into the clouds of a blue sky

Each fall, the beautiful Monarch butterflies of North America migrate to Mexico. As their journey is long, they use wind speed to help them along the way. When the wind is going in their direction, they fly high to let the wind carry them.

They have been known to fly as high as 11,000 feet to take advantage of this assistance. Sometimes they fly above the clouds. When the wind is going in the opposite direction of their journey, they fly low to avoid it.

These intelligent little beings will even wait patiently in low areas for the wind to calm down if it is blowing too hard. During these waiting periods, they accumulate in large numbers. Lucky people may find curtains of hanging butterflies at night or early in the morning.

When the wind is advantageous, the butterflies wait until the sun comes up to warm their flight muscles, then they fly toward their destination.

You can send an invitation to female butterflies to lay their eggs in your backyard by planting milkweed. Milkweed is the food source caterpillars need when they emerge from their cocoon.

Prepare a spot now so that when spring arrives, the butterflies will see your home as the perfect spot to make their home.


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