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Ten Tips and Tricks for Building a Gingerbread House

pieces of a gingerbread house ready for construction

1. Create cardboard templates for the sides and roof to check for fitting.

2. Roll out the gingerbread pieces on parchment paper, then move the entire piece to the baking pan.

3. Before baking, cut out windows. Place hard candy in the hole. While the gingerbread is baking, the candy will melt and fill in the space.

4. Gingerbread should be rolled out to 1/4 inch thickness. Use a pizza cutter to cut.

5. Decorate the pieces of the house before assembling.

6. Create “snow” with powdered sugar or shredded coconut.

7. Green-tinted rice krispies can become bushes and trees.

8. Sticks of gum, cereal, Lifesavers, or M&M’s can look like shingles.

9. Marshmallows make great snowmen.

10. Hold candies in place with a small amount of icing.


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