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Benefits of chiropractic care for seniors

Chiropractor adjusting someone's shoulders

Chiropractic care, which is one of the most acclaimed forms of addressing spinal issues, is beneficial for everyone including seniors.

There are few myths surrounding this form of spinal care or therapy, but in reality chiropractic care is not only safe but better than all other alternatives such as drug treatments and surgery.

What Makes Chiropractic Care Effective? Chiropractic care is known as an effective form of spinal care because it addresses all the abnormalities causing spinal disorders that come with aging. Chiropractors who are proficient at chiropractic care are trained to treat all subluxations and the effects they inflict on the central nervous system. Subluxations are the misalignments of the vertebrae. Anti-inflammatory medications along with pain relievers just mask the symptoms, and are associated with numerous side effects. Chiropractors have great expertise in performing spinal manipulation and other beneficial treatments. The theory behind these manipulations is that if the body and its musculoskeletal system are properly aligned, the body will be able to heal itself without any surgery or medications and pain relievers. Manipulation is extensively used in seniors and other cases where tissue injury has been caused by a disturbing event or stress such as repetitively sitting without sufficient back support. As the process of aging lingers on, seniors start reporting occurrences of aches and pains within the whole body. Now, they can easily combat the imminent threat of spinal issues by getting the help of an experienced chiropractor. We have compiled a list of 4 of the most interesting benefits that can be availed by seniors through chiropractic care:

Pain Relief The success of chiropractic care spurs from how easily it can combat pain within the body. The relief provided by chiropractic care is unparalleled and cannot be rivaled by any other alternative. It combats the aches and pains that keep springing up as the body gets older and more worn out. As a person starts aging, their musculoskeletal system does not have the same flexible alignment which it did before.

Chiropractic care will greatly help fix all misalignments within the body. These misalignments when fixed can positively affect the nervous system as well. A positive change in the nervous system will signal reduced inflammation in a natural way, which relives most of the soreness. On the contrary, anti inflammatory medications are like bandages that just mask the pain and its symptoms, and do not provide any authentic and reliable cure for the condition.

A Noticeable Increase in the Body’s Balance and Coordination Almost all of the problems in the balance and coordination of senior citizens are found to be a result of injury or other changes in the cervical spine. Mechanoreceptors, which are located in the back or posterior joints of the cervical spine, are usually responsible for managing the flow of information, deemed essential for balance and coordination, to the brain. These mechanoreceptors in the posterior joins are responsible for the position of the head in regards to the whole body. As the imminent process of aging speeds up, mild defects start occurring. These mild defects impair the functions of mechanoreceptors and eventually result in a loss of body awareness.

Numerous studies conducted by renowned institutions, have shown that chiropractic care can restore the balance and coordination by creating a reaction, through manipulation, similar to that of the mechanoreceptors present in the cervical spine. The stimulation restores the joints functioning and leads to massive improvements in the coordination of the patient’s body. Increased Range of Motion Chiropractic care, managed by an experienced chiropractor, can help increase the range of motions of the spine. This increase comes as a wave of fresh air for seniors.

In many cases, a chiropractic adjustment immediately results in an increase in the range of motions. The immediate results and the high productivity of the process is why most sports teams have an experienced chiropractor accompanying them.

Increased Well Being I can sleep through the night without pangs of pain! I feel as fit as a fiddle after this treatment. These are some of the responses you will get when you ask someone how they feel after a session with an experienced chiropractor. Chiropractic care is a lot more than just a treatment addressing spinal issues.

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