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For better or for worse technology has worked its way into almost every facet of our lives. Our phones are smarter, our cars can talk, and almost any product can be ordered to our house with the touch of a button. This may seem overwhelming but if we learn make this technology work for us, it can be used to improve our lives.

Those of us who have spent many frustrating hours trying figuring out how to use their smartphone or laptop may laugh when they hear that technology makes life easier. That cynicism is understandable, technology moves fast, and the half life of knowledge in this field shortens with every “new release.”

Often times those who are left behind with new tech innovations are those entering the second halves of their lives. This creates a generational gap that can isolate seniors, a result of being expected to fluently speak a language that most of us didn’t grow up speaking.

Luckily, there is a new business in Asheville trying to bridge this gap. They are called Tech Team, and are comprised of two recent college graduates; Owen Ryan and Emmanuel Hobbs, who believe anyone can become tech savvy. They specialize in providing simple tech solutions to older generations, through patience, practice, and affordability.

Their experience in this pursuit, began at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, where Owen worked as a tech assistant for four years while getting an education at UNC Asheville. There he learned about the tech needs of seniors, and how to create a healthy relationship between technology and the user.

After graduation he wanted to use what he had learned to help others in Western North Carolina, so he teamed up with his longtime tech expert friend; Emmanuel, and started Tech Team.

Owen and Emmanuel’s business centers around one-on-one problem solving sessions that are both tech support and tech lessons, so the client can learn how to answer their own questions in the future. This is all done with an eye towards accessibility, by charging less than a third of other tech services as well as offering in-home visits.

Contact Tech Team at: 919-621-5643 email:

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