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Achieving Peaceful Balance For Your Mental and Physical Health

By Gigi Steel

Appreciation and positive thinking keep us focused on the present moment and forces stress to take a back seat.
woman relaxes taking time to enjoy a cup of tea destress

Women are notorious multi-takers. We can handle several everyday jobs at one time, effortlessly.

So when the kids need to be fed, your husband needs a ride to the airport, the laundry needs folding, and the financial report is due on your bosses desk at 8:00AM the next morning, you can make it all happen with grace and poise. Yeah, right.

The fact is: yes, we can make it happen, but often at the expense of our own sanity, health, and happiness. It’s essential to remember to take care of ourselves, for both our mental and physical health—just as we would care for those we love.

Read on for tips to help maintain that much sought after peaceful balance.

Meditate. You can walk, crochet, or just twiddle your thumbs. Choose a repetitive activity that takes your mind off your to-do list and focuses on the present moment.

When the chit-chat in mind won’t stop and your thoughts drift back to your problems or to-do list, visualize them floating up to the clouds or down a stream and bring your mind back to the mindless activity you are engaged in. Try this every day for at least ten minutes to see a real change in your stress level.

Breathe. This sounds like a no-brainer, but conscious deep breathing will relax your mind as quickly as anything else you can do.

Feel your breath as you inhale through your nose and then blow out through your mouth. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. As you blow out, imagine your problems or stresses blowing away. Calmness will wash over you as your stress level evaporates.

Tune in. Music has the power to calm our nerves and alter our mood. Listening to classical music is soothing while a happy little tune can lift our spirits.

Appreciate. Be mindful and enjoy life by being grateful and aware of your environment. Notice the pink sunset and hear the bird’s song. Observe the feel of your cozy sweater or the cool water as you take a drink.

Appreciation and positive thinking keep us focused on the present moment and forces stress to take a back seat.

Tea-time. A cup of tea offers more than antioxidants and hydration. The act of boiling water, dipping your tea bag in and out of the hot water, and sitting down long enough to drink the tea will all result in a quiet few minutes where you can stop and relax.

Be a hugger. The power of touch cannot be overstated. We all need social interaction to keep our lives balanced and our world from becoming too small. Sneak in a snuggle and you’ll feel better.


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