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Dreams of Flying: What do They Mean?

Dreams of flying

Do you sometimes dream you’re flying over roofs and chimney tops or soaring above mountains in the sky? Most people experience flying dreams at some point in their lives and enjoy them.

If you fly when dreaming, your emotional state is positive, and you have a sense of liberation, so you probably want to repeat the experience. However, you might wonder how to interpret your night-time imaginings. Various theories exist to explain the phenomenon; see if one feels right to you.

Freedom from anxiety

If you’ve gone through a difficult time lately, your flying dream might indicate your troubles are passing and a time of ease is occurring. Just as stress can be expressed during nightmares, relief can show up in dreams too. When you glide through the sky, you’ve got no worries to tie you down.


One way to determine a dream’s meaning is to recognize how you feel while dreaming. Most people experience great joy as they zoom and play above the clouds. The predominant emotion present reflects a truth about your circumstances in waking life. Perhaps you’re in love with life or a person, or you’re simply having a good time.

Wish fulfillment

Psychoanalyst Freud believed dreams are often about wish fulfillment, so, when you dream you can fly, you may want greater freedom in your life. You might wish to rise above your problems and be liberated from the shackles of stress. In such a case, the dream is your mind’s way of telling you something’s got to give for you to be happy.

Freud suggested wish fulfillment dreams arise when people repress their desires since they don’t think what they want will be looked upon favorably by others. If you’ve hidden the need for liberty, the chances are you believe you must shoulder a burden of responsibility that restricts your free will.

Lucid dreaming

Flying dreams are sometimes associated with lucid dreams, in which you have control over what happens while you’re dreaming. If you can fly wherever you want during your dream, you may be in a state of semi lucidity, where you’re partly unconscious and partly conscious.

Research shows during lucid dreaming the frontal lobes of the brain are active. This brain region is linked with thinking and logic, which is why decision-making’s possible when you’re in a lucid dream.

Flying dreams are usually fun. It’s likely they represent actual liberation from stress or the desire for fewer responsibilities that limit the need for freedom. Additionally, they might indicate you’re in a lucid state and can take control of your dream, so, if you find yourself hovering in the sky, check to see whether you can steer what happens next.


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