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Healthy Benefits of Houseplants

a variety of houseplants

Houseplants are a beautiful addition to most styles of interior décor. They help bring vibrant color into your living space, and a sense of the outdoors inside. But houseplants are more than just pretty, they offer health benefits as well. Read on to learn several ways houseplants are beneficial to our health.

Houseplants remove toxins from the air.

Toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde can harm your health, and plants are great at removing these chemicals from your environment. Bamboo, Chinese evergreen, gerbera daisies, and spider plants are all excellent air-cleaners. A NASA study found that houseplants such as ficus and peace lilies can actually reduce sickness. Take note that to be effective, NASA also recommends having one plant per 100-square-feet of floor space.

Plants absorb noise.

If noise is an issue for you, try using houseplants to absorb some of that unwanted sound. Much like a row of shrubs can block outdoor street noise, indoor houseplants can absorb and deflect indoor noise. For noise control, try houseplants with a large surface area like ferns and palms. Use large planters with at least an inch of material covering the dirt.

Plants can promote healing.

There is a practical reason for giving sick people plants. One study by researchers at Kansas State University found that having plants in hospital rooms actually helped people heal faster. Patients with plants needed less pain medication and were able to leave the hospital more quickly than those without plants.

Houseplants increase humidity.

If the air in your home is dry, houseplants can help. Plants get water by absorbing it through their roots. The moisture makes its way up the stems and into the leaves. Then it is released into the air through evaporation. Increasing the humidity level in your house can help with problems like dry skin and sore throats.

A spider plant is a great choice for bringing more moisture into your home—and you can use the shoots to create more plants.

Plants can boost your mental health.

Having plants around can help you concentrate and generally lift your mood. Research has shown that being in the presence of plants can actually give people better focus and even reduce stress. Try placing an aloe vera or snake plant on your work desk, or in a room where you want to relax.

Plants can be a wonderful aesthetic addition to many spaces, but they can also bring benefits to your mental and physical well being. Add houseplants to your home to take advantage of these wonderful qualities.


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