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How to Host the Perfect Easter Brunch

An enjoyable part of celebrating Easter is having friends and family over for brunch. With the promise of spring in the air, it's a great time to connect with people we love over a delicious relaxing meal.

Easter brunch can be as simple as fresh-squeezed orange juice and doughnuts on the patio, or as complex and elaborate as a multi-course meal. Whatever your plans for Easter weekend, here are some entertaining tips you'll find helpful on the big day. After all, even small gestures can leave a big impact on guests, and little things add up to creating the perfect day.

How To Become A Better Host

You're probably doing all these things, but they merit a quick reminder to make sure your guests leave with the satisfied feeling that you've been attentive and caring.

Greet your guests at the door. On any other day, it may seem perfectly fine to have your kids invite them in while you're busy in the kitchen. But for Easter brunch, make your welcome personal.

Offer everyone a drink. Depending upon your preferences, it may be iced tea, a glass of wine, or a glass of plain water. This breaks the ice and makes new arrivals feel at ease.

Decorate your dining table. Something simple and tasteful will do. A vase of spring flowers or a bowl of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, even painted Easter eggs, make for a nice centerpiece.

Serve food on warm plates. Although spring is just around the corner, it's still cool. Pre-heating your plates in the oven until you're ready to serve will keep food warm all through the meal.

Have ice available. If guests enjoy a chilled drink, offer them the option to toss in a few extra cubes to cool it down to their preference.

Lighting candles or using scented fresheners may be appropriate and can create a nice ambiance that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

Seat people wherever it's best for lively conversation and a friendly atmosphere over brunch. You could simply direct people to sit at specific places or get more elaborate with place cards at their seats at the table.

Adjust the room temperature to be comfortable. If it's too cold or warm, it detracts from enjoyment of the food and company. If you aren't sure, simply ask guests if they are comfortable.

Warming bread and buns adds to their flavor and makes Easter brunch more enjoyable.

Pay attention and keep the chatter going. It can be embarrassing to have lengthy silent gaps at the table. As an Easter host, it's up to you to restart stalled conversation or suggest topics to chat about.

Plan your menu to suit your guests. Knowing (or asking about) their preferences will help you create an Easter brunch that everyone enjoys. You could even circulate your proposed menu and invite feedback ahead of the big day.

Easter Brunch Decorations

To match the mood of the season, you could adorn your dining room in the spirit of Easter with some simple tweaks.

Easter table centerpieces can be cheerful and decorative. There are ready-made solutions you can buy off the shelf, though you might enjoy creating your own at home. Flower arrangements don't have to be elaborate or extravagant, as long as they are tasteful.

Folding napkins into an Easter bunny is a nice trick. With a few twists and folds aided by a ball of cotton, you can turn a regular napkin into a cute little bunny rabbit. Kids will love it.

You could extend the plan and decorate the entire house in Easter-themed style. Vases and planters, wall hangings and table top decorations can set the tone for the gathering.

If you're having children over to Easter brunch, setting up a table exclusively for them with festive decorations, gifts and some fun activities will make the day memorable for them.

Easter Brunch Recipes

There's no limit to how diverse and elaborate your recipes can be for Easter brunch. Here are some popular favorite dishes.

Prepared meat like a smoked ham or a fish platter can take center stage. Just pop it into the oven an hour ahead of meal time so it can be served hot.

Deviled eggs are great for these parties. The nice part about having them on the menu is that the filling can be prepared and stored on the previous day. Offer a choice of two or three different fillings for the greatest satisfaction.

Quiches, casseroles and pies from a good neighborhood bakery are a failsafe option to feed a hungry crowd at brunch.

Homemade waffles with a variety of toppings are another popular choice with Easter brunch hosts. You can reheat frozen waffles right before serving them, although freshly prepared waffles with batter that's whipped up the previous night can have your guests in rapture.

Muffins, biscuits, and cupcakes make nice Easter desserts. Bake up a batch ahead of the weekend. They are guaranteed to please any crowd, and are fun to decorate with kids.

No matter what you do to make your Easter brunch perfect, if you find yourself getting too stressed or anxious about the details, relax and remember that it's the holiday spirit that really matters.


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