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5 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Many people believe that winter weather means they have to be sedentary and hibernate like a bear until the spring. Here's some news for you... humans don't function like bears.

Snow scene with woman squatting down to make a snowman
Your body will appreciate you staying active during the winter

Our bodies are not designed to be idle when cold weather approaches. We need to stay active in order to maintain proper immune system function and mobility.

Although it can be difficult to find things to do during the winter months to help you stay active and healthy, there are a few possibilities and you won't need a gym membership. Some of the best ways to stay active when all you want to do is hibernate can be done from the comfort of your home, or at least nearby.


Winter weather doesn't mean you can't spend time outside. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh, cold air is good for a body that has been stuck indoors for a while. Be sure to dress warmly and walk along areas that are free of ice.

Play in the Snow

Getting outdoors and playing in the snow is one of the best ways to stay active during the cold months. Pulling out the sled, making snow angels, building a snowman, going snowboarding, and numerous other fun snowy activities can help keep your body healthy and happy during the cold months. A huge plus to all of this is that you can make it fun for the entire family.

Winter Cleaning

Cleaning the house isn't strictly reserved for spring weather. Cleaning nooks and crannies, organizing closets and drawers, and a host of other cleaning activities are all great ways to avoid staying sedentary during the cold winter months.


Volunteering at your local soup kitchen or food bank is a great way to stay active during the cold winter months, while also serving your community. Through volunteering, you will be providing those who are in need with a warm meal and helping them to stay comfortable during the harsh winter weather. While volunteering your time won't give you fitness model abs, you will be keeping your body busy and active and also helping others.

Indoor Exercise

There are numerous exercises you can perform indoors without the need of a gym. Yoga is an excellent way to keep the body limber and prevent stiffness when cold weather agitates the body's limbs. Basic aerobics is another way to stay active and healthy during the winter months.

Staying active during winter is a great way to keep your body strong and healthy. When you remain inactive, your immune system becomes weakened and your body becomes stiff. And remember, keeping your body active during winter doesn't require running a marathon.


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