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Keeping Your Home Cozy Now That the Holidays Are Over

Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are stored away, your home may look rather empty. Here are a few ways to give your home decor a comfy, cozy wintertime look.

Place warm afghans or blankets on your chairs and sofa. These not only look comfy, you’ll be snug as a bug when you cuddle up with them.

Change the colors of your decor to match the season with throw pillows. Forest green, deep magenta, indigo, or dark cerulean will complement the longer days of winter.

Don’t forget flowers. Just because there are no flowers blooming outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring their joy and color indoors. A blooming potted plant can be enjoyed for several weeks.

Light candles to give off a warm, cozy glow. Enjoy the scents of evergreen, vanilla, or jasmine.

Keep a few trinkets out. Twinkle lights placed across the mantle, glittering snowflakes hanging in the window, and snow people sitting on the coffee table can keep the atmosphere “winter” without the holiday vibe.


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