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Living with Purpose at Every Age

Why is it important to have a purpose as we age?

There is an undeniable link to having a purpose and aging gracefully

by Laurie Richardone

older woman of color smiles and adjusts her hair

Having a sense of purpose has been shown in research to be a critical component to our well-being. It impacts our health and helps us live longer and happier lives.

One of the many benefits of finding a new path later in life is we are more relaxed about living and we can go with the flow more easily. In addition to not getting dragged down by challenging circumstances. It offers better coping skills and can give us a well-developed social support system to turn to when life’s difficulties arise. Which they do.

It’s a time when you have embraced who you are the most. Ideally, we have stopped struggling with approval, comparing ourselves to others, and embrace the possibility of living the life which we came to this earth to live: that I believe we are destined to live. We all have talents, skills, and gifts that would benefit the world, at the same time give us purpose, and joy.

For those that are thinking, I already had a career, I get it: However, having an understanding that life after fifty, sixty, and well into our seventies, can be invigorating, and actually be the beginning of an exciting new path.

For those that are familiar with Louise Hay, she started her publishing company Hay House at age 60. It is a successful company that offers inspirational and transformational books and products. It carries with it her legacy in transforming the lives of others. Myself included.

We can reinvent ourselves and start new ventures and pursue new opportunities at any age.

Having surpassed the bence mark of fifty myself, and after a thirty-year career in the beauty industry, I did reinvent myself. In many ways it unfolded organically, without much effort. It is exhilarating to have found a new road to continue to be of service, offer my skills & talents, and at the same time have fun doing it.

Food For Thought?

• Think about what has you feel inspired?

• Write down your interests, your passions and give one or two a try.

• Ask yourself the question, what do I value most in life?

• Perhaps start donating your talents to something that has value to you, and that you want to support. It could be the start of something beautiful.

When I did this exercise and looked at my core values in life, it was clear that I was on the right path. There was clarity in my purpose.

“Empowering people to achieve optimal health and vitality, through food and mindfulness”

This is what excites me, speaks to my heart, and brings in joy.

Most of us spend our twenties and thirties, sometimes even into our forties, where we are trying to figure out who we are and what we want. We often search for that through our relationships with other people, and how they view us. Also, how we want to be viewed by them. We compare ourselves to others as a way to determine how well we are doing at life.

The good news is a shift can occur as we mature, and we start feeling a tug to find meaning and the desire to live a life of purpose becomes stronger.

It can be something wonderful, even magical, to look forward to.

What is that for you?

To your good health

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Laurie Richardone is a seasonal gluten free chef and certified health coach. To work with Laurie, visit


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