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Popular Candle Scents Do More Than Just Smell Good

Candleholders and candles themselves come in many different designs, colors, and scents. We use them as decorations, air fresheners, and for special events: but have you ever considered the effects and benefits of the candle scents you buy?

Aromatherapy and its benefits and effects have been used and studied throughout history. While we don’t always consider the impact the scents we buy have on us, we definitely should. Some of the most common scents on the market are not only favorites simply because of their pleasant smells. We may also be affected by these scents more than we realize.

Here are five of the most common scents on the market and the hidden benefits of their lovely aromas.

cinnamon candle with a bundle of cinnamon sticks on top


Most commonly used around the holidays, cinnamon is a staple scent for most candle companies. Its popularity dates back thousands of years. We have evidence that Egyptians were incorporating it into perfumes 2000 years ago, but it has been said Chinese culture has been using it far before that, and it possibly originated in China.

Cinnamon is known to have many different uses, including:

Reducing drowsiness

Reducing irritability

Headache relief

Inducing appetite

Invigorating the senses

Producing a feeling of joy

Menstrual cramp relief

In a metaphysical sense, cinnamon is also known to increase your spiritual connections, healing speed, attract love, induce lust, draw money, ensure protection, and provide luck, strength, and prosperity. Due to its many uses, cinnamon is the perfect scent for your kitchen, dining room, office, and just about anywhere you see fit. Cinnamon is easy to find, and with so many positive effects, it leaves no reason to wonder why cinnamon has been a staple scent for candles for as long as it has.

vanilla scented candle and several vanilla plants


Vanilla has been used as a common ingredient in perfumes for hundreds of years, but it has only been within the last several decades that it has become a familiar smell for our homes. Vanilla has many common uses in perfumes, cooking, baking, lotions, and other self-care items that it is a wonder why such a beloved scent took so long to make its debut in the home aroma market.

Vanilla has many common uses, including:

Reducing stress and anxiety

Promoting relaxation

Improving sleep quality

Promoting respiratory health

Assisting in regulating emotions

Being used as an aphrodisiac

The metaphysical properties of vanilla are just as impressive as the general properties. They include increasing your mental capabilities, enhancing beauty, and promoting love, vitality, passion, healing, and luck.

Vanilla is a great scent to be used in the bedroom, bathroom, spa, or anywhere you use to step out of the rat race and escape for peace and relaxation. Such a powerful smell and loved by many, vanilla has a way of making us all want to slow down and take a moment to smell the candles.

lavender plants, scented candle and bars of lavender soap


Used by the ancient Romans and Greeks, the smell of lavender has been used for centuries for many different reasons. The favored smell of lavender was first recorded being put to use by the ancient Romans, who used it in their bathwater, as perfume, and as a typical household scent.

Lavender has many common uses, including:

Boosting mood

Reducing anxiety

Inducing sleep

Improving memory

Relieving motion sickness

Reducing menopause symptoms

Promoting a feeling of happiness

Bug repellant

Lavender’s aroma has been noted to be stimulating and relaxing simultaneously, promoting many uses and enhancing our love for such a beautiful aroma. Lavender is a multi-use scent that is said to encourage a mind, body, and spirit balance. Other metaphysical properties include: grounding your energy, cleansing your aura or area, clearing negativity, balancing your third-eye chakra, and creating inner peace.

Best used in places of rest or relaxation, lavender is an excellent aroma for a bedroom, children’s room, and any area you like to relax or meditate.

rose candle in a glass next to a rose in a vase


The smell of roses is an undeniable favorite for many. Roses take no hesitation in displaying their beauty alongside their fragrant and adored aroma. Roses have always had a firm hold on our senses. Used throughout ancient and medieval times, legend has it the beautiful Cleopatra used rose petals to fill an entire room, ankle-deep, to weaken her lover’s resistance to her charms. Our love for the beautiful flower and its aromatic charms has been noted well throughout history.

Rose scents have many uses, including:

Relieving stress

Fighting anxiety


Lowering your heart rate

Antidepressant benefits

Information retention

Boosting libido

Delivering a calming and relaxing feeling to your environment, the rose-scented candles are also known for many metaphysical properties, such as: promoting positivity, creating an aura of love and passion, and cleansing and opening up your mind to new experiences.

Best used in the bedroom or on special occasions, our love for roses is due to more than just their beauty.


If you’re a candle lover, chances are you have some of these scents already in your home. With so many great benefits, it is hard to justify not putting them to use in the areas where they may benefit more than just one of our senses. While everyone is different and may have different results, we hope you have gained some insight into how your favorite candles might better benefit you and your home.

Please remember it is essential to seek medical attention for any physical or mental ailments. While we hope this list benefits you greatly, it is not a substitute for medical attention.


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