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Celebrating Your First Christmas as a Couple

Romantic Ideas to Make Your First Holiday Extra Special

older couple decorate CMas tree for the first time

When you were a child you looked forward to Christmas morning with every fiber of your being. You went to bed early, tried to sleep and listened intently for the telltale sounds of hoof beats on the roof. When Christmas morning finally arrived, you reveled in the bounty, but now you are all grown up and the season is even more special.

If you are celebrating your first Christmas as a couple, you want to make the season memorable and special. This is the first Christmas with your sweetheart, and it is one you will remember all your life. Here are some romantic ways to make the day, and the season, extra special.

Create a memory wall. As the years go by, your walls may be filled with family photographs, but for now, a memory wall will have to do. Printing out your save the dates, reception menus, and other mementoes and framing them will give your first Christmas together a special look and feel.

Make time for a romantic Christmas Eve meal by candlelight. The holiday meal is a big part of the Christmas celebration, but the night before can be even more special. A lovely meal by candlelight is the perfect way to spend your first Christmas Eve as a couple.

Warm up by the fireplace. There is nothing quite like a warm fire on a cold winter night, especially when you are with the person you love. Spending a night by the fire is a great way to celebrate your first holiday together.

Order a bottle of wine with a custom label. There is nothing like a glass of great wine to jump-start your holiday celebration, especially if the bottle bears a custom label. You can order a bottle of wine with a label emblazoned with your wedding date, creating a keepsake that will be enjoyed long after the vino is gone.

Share your favorite holiday memories. You may be together now, but you have experienced many Christmases separately. Those childhood memories can be shared and enjoyed all over again, so spend a fun winter day swapping stories and getting to know one another even better.

Create a family holiday recipe cookbook. Whether you love to cook or view it as a chore, you will be creating lots of amazing meals with your lifelong partner. Why not spend your first Christmas together compiling those special family recipes, the ones that have been passed down through the generations?

Create a keepsake ornament. Your first Christmas tree together will be extra special, so why not top it off with a lovely keepsake ornament? You can create a keepsake ornament from a favorite photograph, a special memory, or anything else that is meaningful to you and your beloved.

Take a sleigh ride together. Some holiday activities are so iconic they have literally been memorialized in song. It may be corny, but that does not make a holiday sleigh ride together any less fun, so why not indulge yourself on your first holiday together?

Talk about your favorite holiday traditions - and make some of your own. There is something special about holiday traditions, and now you can make some new ones of your own. Spending a lazy winter evening sharing favorite traditions is a great way to enjoy your first holiday together.

Volunteer for a good cause. There are plenty of ways to give back during the holidays, and volunteering together is the perfect way to make some memories and share all the great things you have been given. From wrapping presents at the mall to serving meals at the downtown shelter, volunteering together feels great.

The holiday season is always a special time of year, but there is something extra special about your first Christmas as a couple. With romance in the air and feelings of love and warmth everywhere you turn, you have a perfect chance to create lifelong memories, ones you will cherish through all your years together.


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