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Should You Shave Your Head?

old guy looks in the mirror at thinning hair pondering a buzz cut

A man equates his hair with attractiveness, success, and youth. Losing one’s hair is a total nightmare and can happen to any man at any age.

Why must people age? Would anyone find a balding man attractive? Can a man put the brakes on the slide to the follicular wasteland?

Men search for all sorts of treatments to delay the inevitable. One’s quest to save hair can lead to all sorts of possible solutions: cover-ups, experiments, Rogaine foams, Propecia, hair fibers, creative styling, Argan oil, lavender oil, scalp massage, eating Brazil nuts, praying to the saints (is there a patron saint of men going through hair loss?), and the list goes on and on.

Follicular-challenged men cycle through these treatments and have to curate, select, and set a hairstyle. But the thinning hair has no mercy and is unforgiving to any hairstyle. The powerful elements of wind and water become your enemy. A light breeze can shift your carefully maintained hairstyle which some men achieve by using a two-step combo of hair fibers and hairspray that cements the whole charade in place.

Men can go to extreme lengths to maintain the illusion of a full head of hair. But in time, the traitor follicles continue their retreat, and even an elaborate scheme to hide the thinning becomes too draining, too time-consuming, and even more embarrassing, too obvious. One may even consider the ultimate sign of defeat: the dreaded comb-over.

But Do Not Despair ...

Alas, there is another way. One can see the light in the form of shaving the rest of your hair off before it can betray you. You can take control of your hair loss and end the torment. Are you experiencing hair loss and wondering if you should shave your head? Here are 4.5 steps to do it!

1. Just decide.

You need to make the decision. You are in control of your life. You are your ultimate boss. If your thinning hair causes you distress, why not make a decision that will end your suffering? Seize your power and grab control.

2. Act: get a buzz cut

This is where you begin. If you don’t already wear your hair short, go get a buzz cut now. Or perhaps you already have a buzzer? Good, then grab it and grab someone to do it for you. Or go to your barber. It doesn’t matter who does it; it only matters that you’ve taken the step. See how it feels to have a close-cropped head. Maybe it’ll look good at this stage, and if you’re satisfied, then stop here. If not, go to step 3.

3. Shave it off.

If your close-cropped haircut isn’t working for you, but there’s no going back to your previous comb-over or ridiculous styling (see previous), then it’s time to shave it off. If your hair isn’t already buzzed to the scalp, make sure that you do that first. Purchase a specialized razor for this process. After a hot shower, apply shaving cream to your head. Shave with the grain and use firm but not too firm strokes. Towel dry and use a mattifying head lotion with SPF to lock in moisture, reduce shine, and protect your sensitive scalp from the sun’s rays. Depending on your look and how fast your hair grows, you’ll need to repeat this process every two to three days.

4. Enjoy your new freedom.

You are now free from the tyranny of thinning hair. You’re free from spending time, energy, and money on a losing battle. Getting used to your new look will take a little time, too. People’s reactions will differ; some will love it and others might not. You shouldn’t care about their opinions because after all, you have decided, you have acted, and you have shaved it off. Exude confidence in your choice as that well-earned swagger is much more attractive than the uneasiness and awkwardness of hiding reality. Congratulations, you have owned your follicular destiny.

The 0.5 Step:

If you’ve shaved your head and notice that you can see the difference between areas of your scalp that have follicles and areas that do not, don’t fret. You can keep your look, and it’s more than fine. If the lack of coverage bothers you, you might consider getting a consultation for a micro-scalp tattoo procedure. By using specialized ink and a process designed for the scalp, a micro-scalp tattoo artist can recreate an age-appropriate hairline and give density to sparse areas of your scalp. This might help you rock your bald head even more and assist you in achieving that sense of confident attractiveness that many desire.


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