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Spring Cleaning as a Pathway To Good Health

Spring cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to point to completing arduous chores around the house. However, it is beneficial to give a deep cleaning to our living environment as it makes room for a fresh new outlook, and new experiences to come through our door.

In addition to letting our home know we appreciate it. Let’s pay a little more attention to our physical and mental health and “spring clean” our wellness this season.

Our bodies and the way we connect to the world around us are a complex and sensitive ego system. Like good soil is necessary for a flourishing garden, good self care is necessary for a vibrant healthy body each season.

You may find that resolutions made in springtime are easier to follow than the ones you try to implement in the cold, bitter winter months. We look forward to opening the windows, allowing a warm breeze to permeate through the house, and brushing us with fresh air, to clear out the cobwebs of winter.

Each Spring is an opportunity to turn to the natural world to reconnect with body, mind and soul, so we can be more connected to nature, and ourselves. For those of us fortunate to live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, living close to nature has the power to transcend many thought-induced obstacles in our life.

Personally, embarking on a journey of seasonal living has been one of the most nourishing and transformational experiences. As the days lengthen and the temperatures rise, it awakens in us a compulsion to start anew, a feeling that necessitates a clean slate for the bountiful seasons ahead.

If you want to pay your health and well-being a little extra attention this spring, but don’t know where to start, here are some tips to get you started.

• Keep physically active - Put on a favorite tune and get moving. Cleaning can be a real workout.The physical benefits include a healthy heart and body due to this consistent, low-intensity activity.

• Protect your immune system - Seasonal allergies aren’t the only thing causing that sniffle. Dust and pet dander usually build up over the colder months when there’s less chance for air circulation. A deep dive into spring cleaning helps to air out your home, preventing potential respiratory issues. Start the morning with a 10 oz glass of warm filtered water with half a lemon: It helps get your digestive system moving without overloading it.

• Improve focus and mood - Looking to get out of your winter funk? A little bit of spring cleaning helps clear mental space and promotes positivity. It’s a great way to relieve stress by increasing the likelihood of a positive attitude and forward-thinking mindset.

Wishing you a joyful Spring season~Laurie

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