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Spring into Style with Pretty Prints

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with new looks each season. From ruffled shirts to peasant skirts,

clothing stores are displaying fresh fashions.

After a cold winter, pretty prints are a welcome return to the fashion world in spring.

Polka-dots are a spring staple. These little colored circles can be found in basic black and white as well as hot pink and tangerine orange.

The nautical stripe is another constant in spring fashion. Narrow and wide stripes are trending in both shirts and skirts.

Florals are always welcome this season. Big, bold flowers and delicate blooms in bright and pastel colors are sure to brighten your wardrobe.

The colors of this colorful season are predicted to be mellow yellow, bubblegum pink, tiger tangerine, lemon-lime green, and ocean blue.

The most important spring style element is the same for all seasons—confidence. When you are confident in your clothes, you can wear almost anything.


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