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The flowers for October are cosmos and marigolds

Low-level shot of a field of Cosmos flowers October


Flowers have meaning and can “speak” for us when words are hard to find. Cosmos and Marigolds are colorful and cheerful flowers symbolizing balance and happiness.

Cosmos flowers are in the same genus as sunflowers, marigolds, daisies, and dandelions. The colorful, daisy-like blossoms grow tall and have pretty, feathery leaves. When they bloom they attract birds, butterflies and bees.

They thrive in poor soil and require little water. Left in the garden to die naturally, the dead blooms will drop to the ground and germinate naturally. The meaning of the cosmos flower is beauty, order, peace, and modesty.

Cosmos is also known as the “flower of love” because it was once commonly used to send the message that “life is beautiful with you.” The cosmos flower can be found in pink for femininity, white for modesty, scarlet for optimism, and yellow for positivity. Cosmos grow in gardens, fields, and wherever they can find lots of sunshine.

Field of blooming marigolds flowers of October cheerful

Marigolds are a cheerful and easy-to-grow summer flower that blooms until the first frost. This little flower has a big job in the garden. It not only adds bright color and beauty to your garden, it works as a pest deterrent keeping slugs and whiteflies from eating at your tomatoes and peppers.

It’s symbolic meanings include despair over the loss of love; warmth of the rising sun; creativity; desire for wealth and the drive to succeed; and promoting cheer. Marigolds are are found with bright yellow, red, and orange petals.

During the Victorian Era, marigolds were linked with despair and grief, in the Middle Ages, marigolds were carried as love charms or to help cast spells, now the focus is on optimism and success.

This ruffly-petaled flower is great for planting along the edges of your garden or as the focal point of your landscape.


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