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The flowers of September are Asters and Morning Glories

Asters blooming in September

Asters are a daisy-like flower. They symbolize love, patience, elegance, and daintiness. They are a hardy flower that can lasts up to two weeks when cut for an arrangement. Their lovely colors include bluish-purple, pink, lavender, and white.

Throughout history, asters have been used to appeal to the gods or to ward off evil spirits. Early English and German cultures believed asters held magical powers. A Cherokee Indian legend is that two young Indian girls who hid in the woods to avoid a fight, sought help from an herb woman.

While they slept, she covered them with leaves and sprinkled herbs over them. During the night, the girls turned into aster flowers.

Blooming Morning Glories in September

Morning Glories are a symbol of affection and unrequited love. Images of morning glories can be found on Victorian gravestones to signify a love that never ended.

The blossoms only live for one day; it blooms in the morning and withers by nightfall. Its hardy, twining vine will grow vertically on any and every—thing. This flower comes in solid and bi-colors; in blue, purple red, white, and yellow. The blossom may grow to be eight inches across.

This flower, which is a cousin to the sweet potato, is said to take each twist and turn and to keep growing. They hold the message that the key to success is to hold on to your dreams.


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