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Tips for Reducing Eye Pressure

man working on computer rubbing at discomfort in his eyes
If you feel pressure in your eyes, don't ignore it

If you are experiencing eye pressure, it can be hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain and discomfort . Eye pressure can be caused by sinus issues, eye strain, and migraines. Here are some ways to reduce the effects of eye pressure.

Look Away From the Computer Screen. It is important that you give your eyes a break from your computer screen as often as you can. Just because you work in front of a computer, doesn't mean you should be staring at the screen for eight uninterrupted hours a day.

Try to remember to look away from the screen and let your eyes rest regularly. Set a timer if you need to. Even a couple minutes away from the screen can make a big impact.

Use Contacts as Directed. You also need to be careful when using your contact lenses. If they are causing irritation to your eyes, or if the pressure is worse when you wear them, wear your glasses instead. It might be that your eyes are too sensitive to handle contacts.

If you wear disposables, make sure you remove them each night before bed. Don't try to reuse disposable contacts, even if you think they're clean enough. This only causes problems later on.

Utilize Eye Drops. Dry and itchy eyes have a tendency to make eye pressure worse. To remedy the situation, use eye drops on a regular basis. Try over-the-counter drops first to see if it helps. If not, consult your eye doctor. There are also prescription-strength drops that are effective.

Let Your Eyes Rest. In addition to giving your eyes a rest from the computer screen, they should also get a break from other things as well. Try to reduce how often you look at any type of screen, whether it is your tablet, cell phone, or television.

Pay attention to the things you do when your eyes become uncomfortable, such as reading small print in a book or using your cell phone for too long. Try to let your eyes rest and focus on other things.

Eye pressure may also be a sign of an eye condition or disease. Consult your optometrist for a routine eye exam and to find out if there are other potential causes. Combined with these other remedies, you should be on your way to finding relief.


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