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We Got Your Classic Cranberry Recipes

cranberry muffins piled high ready to eat this holiday season

Holiday season is upon us and cranberries are a classic and festive addition to holiday dinners.

But if you get tired of the side of cranberries that are at almost every holiday dinner that you attend, you

should take a look at some other delicious ways to incorporate cranberries into your cooking and baking

that you and your family will love.

Right now, you can find cranberries all over the grocery stores and maybe even in some of your local

convenience stores. Now is the time to try adding cranberries to some of your favorite recipes.

cranberry cream cheese recipe results

Cranberry Cream Cheese

If you plan on hosting family overnight, you’ll need to offer your in-laws some breakfast, too. If you’re looking for a way to add some festive color, mix in some softened cranberries into your cream cheese. All you have to do is put fresh cranberries in the microwave for a few minutes. Then, once the cranberries have cooled, blend the cranberries in with the cream cheese using a hand mixer or just a fork.

cranberry cheese cake recipe results
Cranberry Cheesecake

If you’re a baking wizard, you might already know just how to make the perfect cheesecake. If that’s the case, try using cranberries in place of the cherries or blueberries that you might normally incorporate into your cheesecake. Otherwise, if the fine art of making the perfect cheesecake escapes you, you can also buy from your favorite bakery and add the cranberries to the top yourself.

Cranberry Breads and Muffins

If you love a bit of tart in your bakery items, you should put some cranberries in your favorite muffins and breads. Cranberries taste delicious in dessert breads, like zucchini bread, but they can also be a superb addition to a sandwich or buttering bread. For instance, a cranberry and rice bread recipe tastes great with some leftover turkey.

cranberry topped salad recipe results
Cranberry-Topped Salad

If you love having a green salad as a side to your meal, you’ll love the flavor that a handful of softened cranberries can add to many types of salads. While you can use the dried kind, fresh cranberries are moist and a bit more tart than the dried variety, so you should try them since cranberries are so easy to find right now.

cranberry white cheddar and cracker recipe results
White Cheddar and Cracker with Cranberries

Sometimes simple is ideal, and if you want to add some zing to your basic cheese and cracker platter, put some fresh, softened cranberries on top of white cheddar and a classic Ritz-style cracker. Cheese manufacturers have been pairing white cheddar with cranberries for years, so it’s a tried-and-true combination. You’ll also love the dash of color that the cranberries add to your tasty appetizer.


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