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You Can Achieve Your Goals at Any Age

motivational image urging setting goals and keep going

Many people stop setting goals or trying to accomplish their dreams once they reach a certain age. They feel that they are too old. However, this is not true. You can achieve goals at any age.

There is no age limit on setting and attaining goals. In fact, some of the greatest success stories have happened to people in their later years. Here are a few tips for goal setting at any age.

Examine Your Past

If you are reaching an older age and have not accomplished your goals, ask yourself why. Is it because you have tried and failed, or because you never tried. You have to try to succeed. If you have not tried, ask yourself why. Did the obligations of life get in the way? Did you pass up opportunities because of fear? If you did try, examine how many times you tried. Did you try once and then give up? Determine what kept you from achieving your goals. Then determine whether those goals are still important to you.

Examine the Present

Do you have goals that you would still like to accomplish? If so, make a list of them. Ask yourself what is stopping you from obtaining those goals. If age is the only obstacle in your way, consider your age in relation to the goal. For instance, age-related health conditions may prevent you from climbing Mount Everest but you could still go back to college to get a degree. Be realistic and put your goals into perspective.

Determine What You Want

Make a list of what goals are significant to you. Perhaps you always wanted to start your own business. It could be a perfect time now that the kids are adults and you have time to devote to a new endeavor. Maybe you always wanted to travel. Now that you are retired you are able to see the world. The point is that it’s never too late to do what you want to do.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Don’t listen to negative thoughts or people that say you’re too old or it’s too late. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you and support your goals. Enjoy your life to the fullest, and that means working towards your goals.

Success Stories

There are many people who became successful in their later years. For instance, Harland Sanders was in his sixties when he started the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken chain. Ronald Reagan was 55 when he was first elected to public office. Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when she published her first book in the Little House series.

Wally Blume founded the ice cream company, Denali Flavors at age 54. Nelson Mandela was 77 when he became president of South Africa. These are just a few people who became successful in their later years. Many more have accomplished their dreams.

It’s never too late to accomplish your goals. Don’t let age stand in your way. Life may be full of obligations and responsibilities, however, it is also full of dreams and success for those who don’t give up.


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